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Man, Oh Manresa

Some people spend their discretionary income on vacations, some on gadgets and recreational toys and others on entertainment. Few people I know spend a healthy chunk of their hard-earned income on a single dining experience. But in June, we joined the ranks of these folks — as well as those who are fortunate enough to eat in such fashion regularly — to partake in an affair of food that can only be described as extraordinary.


A Taste of Cambodia

Grilled salmon with shredded green mango. Catfish steamed with coconut milk and collard greens, wrapped in a banana leaf. These used to be items you'd need to schlep over Highway 17 to get. No longer. Making a bold entree to the Scotts Valley dining scene this summer is Jia Tella's, specializing in cuisine from Cambodia.

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Scopazzi's Serves up Old-World Charm

Scopazzi’s, built in 1912, has been around longer than most of the people who frequent it. Designed first as a boarding house for local loggers and then converted to a restaurant in 1955, it has an atmosphere of timeworn grace that makes no apologies. Nor does it need to.

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Comfort Food, Bavarian Style

With the weather forecast calling for rain for the foreseeable future and the signs of Spring being nothing more than an inkling, there's not much out there to soothe the soul as well as a crackling fire and a plate of hearty (albeit calorie-rich) comfort food.


Redwood Pizzeria – Targeting the Gourmet Family Set

During a conversation about what else – food - I asked a Ben Lomond friend where her family likes to go locally for pizza. She said Redwood Pizzeria in Felton and then added “they have Marianne's ice cream there”. 

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A Taste for Simplicity at Rocky's Cafe

Thus we kicked off one of our June weekends with a morning trip to Rocky's Cafe, nestled in the redwoods near the main intersection in downtown Felton. Passing by in my car, I've often been intrigued by the white wooden building that only serves breakfast and lunch and decided it was time to try it out.

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Tri-Tip Round-up

Tri-tip steak holds a special place in my alimentary memory. The first time I tried it was in college in San Luis Obispo, where vendors could be found grilling behemoth slabs of meat on open barbecues lining Higuera Street during the famous Thursday night Farmer's Market.


Pastafarian's Delight

What would parents do at mealtime if pasta had never been invented? I know in our household, if noodles are part of the answer to “What's for Dinner?”, I'm a hero for the night. If not, I'm a callous ogre living in a delusional world of vitriolic vegetables and suspicious proteins.

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Hearty Morning Fare at Vintage “Old Mountain Inn”

Walking into the Old Mountain Inn on Highway 9 in downtown Boulder Creek is like stepping back in time to a coffee shop/diner of an earlier decade with a twist of rustic, alpine flair that gives it a unique flavor of its own.


Rumblefish Offers a Rainbow of Choice

My first trip to Japan was in 1996, and one of the things I found most curious was the presence of laminated photos of food pasted to the windows of nearly every restaurant we passed. It made perfect sense for nonlocals like me, who couldn’t even fake an understanding of the kanji characters on the menu and who weren’t brave enough to simply point to an item and pray it was edible.

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Freshness Reigns at In Vino Veritas

Where can you go in Scotts Valley for an exquisite dinner complete with white tablecloths, fresh Peruvian lilies on every table, homemade pastas, wholesome meats and organic produce?


Luring in the Seafood Crowd at Sandabs

If you're looking for fresh, innovative seafood without driving down to the coast, look no further than Sandabs Seafood and Wine Bar. A small pearl in the heart of Scotts Valley, Sandabs offers friendly, professional service and creative delicacies from the sea in a casual, unpretentious environment.

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Courting Kids at the New Scotts Valley Diner...(Parents Welcome Too)

Take your pick - a green salad with goldfish crackers on top, a bowl of applesauce with Teddy Graham crackers, or a plate of sliced cucumbers with a vat of ranch dip. This may not sound like much to woo the discerning adult palate, but such a menu selection is kid heaven. The new Scotts Valley Diner (formerly Denny's) on Scotts Valley Drive is keenly aware of its target market – families with kids - and has built a vast menu offering to serve its audience.