Kristin's Gertrude was something of a revelation, revealing not only hidden facets of Kristin herself and her ability as an actress, but also of the character of Gertrude. Too often we are allowed to forget that Gertrude is a woman and a mother . . . but not when watching Kristin's portrayal; her Gertrude was three-dimensional, red-blooded, trapped, and tragic."

"Kristin is a delight to work with, an asset to any production, and a wonderful personality to have in the rehearsal room. She is fearless and will try anything to ensure that a scene or a moment is landing with maximum impact. Her discipline is extraordinary, her unflagging good humor is infectious, and she is quite simply stunning on stage."

Kit Wilder, Director, "Hamlet", City Lights Theatre Company.


"Kristin is brilliant: a grounded and nuanced actor with chops, charisma, and the bravery needed to leave safety behind and trudge into dangerous territory. She asks the questions you want an actor to ask – she pushes – drives – tries whatever is thrown her way. Working with her on Harold & Maude was a pleasure. Kristin gave us a rich human being – not a cliché – a complex caricature – not a cartoon… she gave me precisely what I asked for, and more.”

Daniel Wilson, Director, "Harold and Maude", Los Altos Stage Co.


"Kristin lights up the stage and is every bit as bright and enjoyable in rehearsal. She balances preparation and thought with spontaneity and fun; she is a thinking actor who loves to laugh. Kristin's versatility is remarkable, and she is able to fit into almost any kind of role, any style, or any period. She not only loves being onstage, but she loves the work it takes to get there . . . and it shows." - Lisa Mallette, Executive Artistic Director, City Lights Theatre Company; Director, “Distracted” and "The Elephant Man".

"Kristin brought incredible depth to the role of Claudia in NINE, finding just the right balance of power and grace. Dedicated to her craft, she brings great immediacy to every moment on stage. She readily explores all aspects of her character, confident in her own ideas, yet taking direction extremely well. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat."  - Jeffrey Bracco, Director, "Nine", City Lights Theatre Company.


Building a family of collaborators is crucial in the creative process.  Kristin Brownstone knows how to be part of and to inspire that collaboration.  Her elasticity and open heart are only trumped by her fierce inquisitiveness. In creating Rabbit Hole's Becca, the center of the story, she balanced fragility, intellect and bravery. An exquisitely gifted actress with whom I hope to work again!" - Dr. Victoria Rue, Director, “Rabbit Hole”, Actor's Theatre Santa Cruz


"One of the hardest working actors I've come across in the last 25 years. Honestly." - Donna Scheer, Director, "Chicago", City Lights Theatre Company



"Kristin brings tremendous creativity and insight to her role, making it a real pleasure to work with her. Inventive, savvy, and solid, she has great instincts and an intelligent approach to character. Plus, she's delightful!  A joy to have in any show." - Jeanie K. Smith, Director, "House and Garden", Pear Theatre and “Romeo and Juliet”, Silicon Valley Shakespeare.


"Kristin brought infectious energy, joy, spontaneity and vulnerability to her role as Charity in our production of Sweet Charity. She stole the show as the goofy Gertrude in Seussical. Watching her grow into each character was a delight." - Kathryn Adkins, Director, “Sweet Charity” and “Seussical”, Cabrillo.


As a director I look for talent, passion and preparation from my actors. It is not an overstatement to say that Kristin Brownstone is the embodiment of all of those. The dedication and desire that she brings to a role and to the entire creative process are infectious, and those involved cannot help but be carried along by her zeal and energy. When you add her innate loveliness – of spirit, mind and body – to that mix, an often difficult process becomes better and the results more enriching.” Gary Bolen, Director, “Company” and “Light up the Sky”, MPC.